Saf-E Glove, the biker’s guardian angel !

This product has been designed for bikers who need a device that gives help for the road danger’s prediction, the fall detection and the automated emergency calling in case of accident.

This device is innovative because all the information are visually available in a specific glove’s part. In this way, the driver doesn’t need to make a dangerous head movement to visualize the important information.
Currently, the Saf-E glove is the first product on the market having a real-time alerting capability, ensuring thus security.

Coming soon :

We are currently working on the Saf-E gloves series, our next glove will be a connected ski glove called Ride Saf-E glove.
Ride SafE Glove is another innovative product designed for ski riders. It is a connected glove which can be synchronized to a smart phone and can display some information such as text and audio messages, speed and outside temperature.

Thanks to the RFID chip mounted inside, it can replace the ski pass.